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Yesterday’s heart report
Yesterday’s heart report
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Yesterday’s heart report is a message that features your HRV measurement results and heart rate data for the previous day. It’ll help you get to know your heart better and see how various activities, such as meditations or exercises, affect its work.

This report can help you see how your body was doing yesterday and learn who or what made your heart beat faster.

It won’t help you notice major heart problems, but you’ll definitely see if you were tired after a workout, excited on a date, or calm after a meditation.

To get this report, you need to wear a fitness tracker connected to Welltory via aggregator (Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health). At the very least, wear it for some time during the day. At most, don’t take it off during sleep, workouts, walks, and meditations, so your chart can include more data.

The report is available only for Premium and Plus users.

Deeper dive:


What do small colored squares mean?

They are miniature versions of your yesterday’s HRV measurement results. We bring them into one place, so you can quickly see how your state changed during the day.

The report includes measurements taken with your smartphone camera, Apple Watch, and heart rate monitor. The message will show 15 measurements tops — our algorithm will choose the ones with the highest accuracy, and the remaining ones will stay in your feed and/or your Health Journal / Measurement History.

If you tap on a measurement icon, you’ll see your Stress, Energy, and Health scores, along with your heart rate.

Why is the line colored?

Colors correspond to keywords below the chart.

  • Blue means sleep. If you don’t take off your fitness tracker before sleep, the chart will reflect how your heart rate changed while you were having a rest.

  • Orange refers to your heart rate when you were moving: most fitness trackers record it as steps, Apple Watch shows it as active calories burnt.

  • Green shows your heart rate during workouts. This category includes any exercise that you or your tracker recorded as a workout: from playing with kids and climbing stairs to strength training and swimming.

  • Light blue denotes your heart rate during mindfulness practices, be it long meditations or mindful minutes with the Breathe app on Apple Watch.

  • White means periods of time not belonging to any of the categories above.

Tapping the chart, you’ll see your heart rate at that particular time of the day.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t see heart reports in my feed. What do I do?

Most probably, we don’t have enough data to send you this message. It can happen for two reasons: you haven’t connected your data source to Welltory or don’t wear your fitness tracker.

Make sure your fitness tracker is connected to Welltory via aggregator (Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health). And don’t forget to wear it during the day. That way, you’ll get your heart report tomorrow.

I take my tracker off in the shower and at night. Will I get my heart report?

You will if you wear your fitness tracker at other times, such as during walks or workouts. However, the chart will look a little sketchy:

Blanks reflect periods of time when you had your tracker off.

I don’t take measurements, but I wear a fitness tracker. Will I get my heart report?

Yes, you’ll see your heart rate chart, but you won’t see any measurement icons. It’ll look like this:

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