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Activity Widget (Android)
Activity Widget (Android)
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How it works

Meet the Activity Widget — a new screen that will guide users with wearable devices, providing daily morning and evening body reports.

It represents the analysis results as a small colored Boiler and the Insights section.

Welltory will receive and analyze data from your wearable device — particularly your steps, activity, heart rate, and sleep data, to create a personalized report for you every morning and evening, as well as provide reference data throughout the day.

Your widget can have three states depending on the time of day — Morning report, Day's progress, and Evening report. Each widget state aims to help you better understand your body by bringing all your data together and adding an extra level of analysis on top of it.

Tap the widget while viewing the Morning report or Evening report to see the detailed analysis — there will be charts with the data your results were based on.

Morning report

We analyze your heart rate at night over the past 30 days, enriched with other activity data, to give you an outlook of your day. To get this report, remember to sleep with your wearable device on.

Morning report insights

Physical activity represents how we see your readiness for physical exercise. This score depends on your recent and historical resting heart rate at night, as well as your sleep time.

Daily readiness shows what your day will look like in terms of energy and readiness. It depends on your previous day’s heart and activity data, and your recent resting heart rate at night.

Overall trend illustrates how you are doing over the long term. It depends on historical Evening reports data.

Day progress

We display your latest heart rate, your progress towards the daily step goal, and a prediction on when you should expect the Evening report. This state does not include a detailed report.

Evening report

We monitor multiple subtle body metrics, such as heart rate patterns and activity statistics you had over the past 30 days, and decipher how your day was. Use this report to understand what works best for you and what doesn't.

Evening report insights

Active load shows your today's activity levels compared to your baseline activity.

Body response represents how your body has coped with loads compared to your baselines. It includes metrics of your walking cadence and heart rate under load.

Overall stress tracks if you spend considerable time in higher heart rate zones than usual, heart rate spikes, and the amplitude of your heart rate levels throughout the day.

Recovery illustrates your body's recovery throughout the day. It includes an analysis of your resting heart rate patterns.

Connecting your wearable device

To benefit from the Activity Widget, it's necessary to connect your wearable device to Welltory:

  1. Make sure your wearable device streams your heart rate data to an aggregator app — Google Fit, Health Connect, or Samsung Health. You can check that everything is properly set up if you see your recent wearable data in an aggregator app (e.g. your Pixel watch heart rate data is visible in the Google Fit app). Streaming data to an aggregator varies for different wearable brands — you can find more information on how to connect it in the helpdesk of your wearable device app.

  2. In the Welltory app navigate to the Settings section.

  3. Connect Google Fit or Samsung Health (depending on which aggregator you use) to Welltory in Settings.

  4. The widget should be visible at the top of your feed.

If you prefer to switch the Activity Widget off, navigate to Settings and turn off the Show Activity Widget toggle.


The Activity Widget is now available as a public beta, so please report any problems or inconsistencies you find, and we will be happy to hear your feedback. For that, go to Menu, scroll down till the end of the screen, tap Report a tech problem, briefly describe your query in the comments window, and tap Send.

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