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Introducing Sleep Flow: Your Gateway to Restful Nights
Introducing Sleep Flow: Your Gateway to Restful Nights
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Welcome to Sleep Flow, your ultimate companion for a peaceful slumber. Sleep Flow is a unique feature designed to immerse you in an endless stream of soothing sleep stories. Crafted by AI with meticulous attention to detail under the supervision of our expert editors, these stories are tailored to lull you into a deep, restorative sleep. Background music is empowered by audio science — it integrates various audio techniques, from binaural beats to functional noises and sounds tailored to your heart rate, to maximize effectiveness.

Features of Sleep Flow

  1. Unlimited Sleep Stories: dive into a vast library of sleep stories meticulously crafted to whisk you away to dreamland.

  2. Heart Rate Personalization: Sleep Flow goes the extra mile by syncing with wearable devices or your camera measurement to adjust background music based on your recent heart rate, enhancing relaxation.

  3. Fine-tuning: set up your Sleep Flow as you like it — select your favorite genre, voice, and mood to get the perfect audio sleep aid.

  4. Automatic Stop: Sleep Flow will cease playing at the end of the track or if you fall asleep and we detect inactivity for 30 minutes, ensuring a quiet environment for a restful sleep.

Getting Started with Sleep Flow

Begin your Sleep Flow journey by selecting your current state — tense or relaxed — this will tune the background music for ideal relaxation, initiating the flow.

Fine-tuning your Sleep Flow

Click on the Tune my flow button to open personalization settings.

  1. Mood Settings: whether you're feeling tense or relaxed, Sleep Flow adapts its background music to match your mood, enhancing the ambiance for more effective results.

  2. Genre Selection: tailor your sleep experience by choosing from diverse genres, including fiction, non-fiction, lectures, and meditation.

  3. Heart Rate Personalization: when your recent heart rate data is available, Sleep Flow tailors the background music to match it. You can switch the heart rate personalization off or adjust its settings.

  4. Voice Options: personalize your bedtime routine by selecting a voice that best suits your preferences.

Likes and dislikes

Like and dislike tracks to customize your sleep journey. Liked stories are conveniently stored in the Favorites section in the upper right corner for quick and easy access any time you wish to enjoy them again.

Sharing your feedback about Sleep Flow

Click the question mark near the story title and complete a brief feedback survey to share your thoughts about Sleep Flow. If you encounter any issues with Sleep Flow, go to Menu → Report a tech problem, briefly describe your request, tap Send, and our support team will be there to help you.

With Sleep Flow, your journey to a restful night's sleep begins today. Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of our carefully selected sleep stories and let them carry you softly to sleep.

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