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What’s changed in your life: how Welltory can help you track important changes
What’s changed in your life: how Welltory can help you track important changes
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Often, we’re too busy to notice how our lifestyle affects us. Our new message, What’s changed in your life, will spare you the work and alert you about important shifts.

What this message is about

You’ll see the What’s changed in your life message in your feed when we notice a new and significant trend in your life — for example, if you start regularly sleeping less or working out more.

If the trend isn’t looking good, we’ll give you tips on how to turn the situation around. In some cases, we’ll also show how your personal baseline differs from the baselines of other people the same age and sex as you.

Please note that this message is only available for Premium users.

How we calculate changes

We start looking for changes in your life at the beginning of each month. We only focus on statistically significant changes where we see a fundamental shift in your lifestyle over time: if you’re sitting a lot and walking very little, you’ll need to consistently walk more steps for a month to set a new trend.

On the other hand, if you rack up 20 000 steps one weekend and then return to sitting, your lifestyle hasn’t actually changed, and the message won’t come.

It may take the algorithm several months to identify your current personal baselines and what changes you’ll need to make to create new ones.

As we choose a maximum of 3 significant changes in your data each month, you can get up to 3 messages a month — in the first, second, and third week. If you get one or two messages, don’t worry — it just means that we’ve only found one or two statistically significant changes.

How can I get this message?

To find out about important lifestyle changes — collect more data:

  • Take measurements with your phone’s camera or smartwatch regularly. Read more about camera measurements here. To learn more about Apple Watch measurements, read this article, and for guidance on Samsung Watch measurements — check out this article.

  • Add more blood pressure data manually or use a smart blood pressure monitor that will share your data with Welltory directly. To enter your blood pressure data manually, press the plus sign in the upper right corner of your feed, choose Blood pressure on the screen, and type your top and bottom blood pressure numbers.

  • Connect more data sources in the My Data (for iOS users) or Data (for Android users) tab. To track productivity, use Rescue Time, and for meditations, choose Headspace or Calm. Find more useful apps here.

What the graphs mean

The gray graph shows your previous average, while the colored graph shows your average for the month we chose for comparison. There’s also an arrow next to the numbers — if it’s pointing up, your average has increased. And if it’s pointing down, it has decreased.

Above the graph, you’ll see the name, which reflects the parameter that has changed (for example, Average walking time) and the period we chose for comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know for a fact that I’m sleeping and working out more. Why are you not showing this change?

Even though the change is evident to you, it’s probably not statistically significant yet. If the change sticks, we’ll send a message to your feed.

You’re saying I walk more than 60% of people my age. How do you calculate that?

To calculate this number, we compare your data with the same data from other Welltory users of the same age and biological sex as you.

I think you’re showing the wrong trend: I’m sleeping less, not more. What can I do?

Please send us a report: go to Menu, scroll down to the end of the screen, tap Report a tech problem, describe the issue, and press Send. We’ll check into what went wrong.

Why is my data on the graph different from the data in the My Data (Data) tab?

It may look different because to calculate changes, we filter the data by removing low-quality data and excluding the days you were sick from the analysis.

I’m not getting this message. Why?

This can happen for several reasons:

  1. You’re using the free version of Welltory — the message is only available for Premium users.

  2. You’ve connected too few data sources. The more data you collect, the likelier we are to notice significant changes in your data. To connect more data sources, go to the My Data (for iOS users) or Data (for Android users) tab.

  3. You’ve started collecting data only recently, and our algorithm is still learning your baseline. Keep taking measurements and collecting data for at least 6 months — and we’ll keep looking for new trends in your data.

  4. You have enough data, but we need more time to find trends.

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