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Measurement History (Android)
Measurement History (Android)
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Your Measurement History is a quick overview of all your measurements, along with events that may have impacted your results.

To check your Measurement History, tap Journal at the bottom of the screen. Use it to track trends and changes in your wellbeing throughout the day or from one day to the next, and see what might be causing them. Alcohol, workouts, meditations — any event you tag or track in your feed will show up here for analysis.

What does the calendar at the top show?

The calendar at the top of your History shows the measurements that best reflect what was going on with your body every day for the past month.

It’s the best tool to use if you want a long-term overview of changes in your wellbeing.

If I took several measurements in one day, which one shows up in my calendar?

We pick the measurement that best reflects how you felt that day based on an algorithm that takes into account several factors — the key ones are measurement quality and time of day.

High-quality measurements taken when you first wake up are most likely to show up here.

The later in the day you take a measurement and the lower its quality, the less likely it is to show up in your calendar as your most relevant measurement for the day.

Why are there two tabs in my History?

The two tabs give you more flexibility in how you track your wellbeing.

The All tab has all the measurements from your feed, regardless of their quality — track them all here.

The Most Reliable tab has your fuel tanks only — these are top-quality measurements that we’ve analyzed your Stress, Energy, and Health scores for. Since these scores are personalized, this tab should give you a better idea of how your wellbeing changes.

Both tabs have daily summaries that we show next to each date, any tags you add throughout the day, your workouts, and meditations.

What kinds of measurements are in the All tab?

The first tab — All — shows all of your measurements, regardless of their quality. This includes three types of measurements.

1. High-quality measurements — the ones that appear with both a histogram and fuel tank in your feed. They show up in your History like this:

2. Lower-quality measurements — the ones that come with a histogram, but weren’t accurate enough for us to analyze your Stress, Energy, and Health scores for. They look like this:

What kinds of measurements are in the Most Reliable tab?

The second tab — Most Reliable — shows just your fuel tanks with Stress, Energy, and Health scores. This is our personalized analysis of your high-quality measurements that most accurately reflect how your body is doing.

What are the notes next to the dates and where do they come from?

The notes next to the dates show a summary of your day — these events may have impacted your results.

Our algorithms analyze the weather in your location, your sleep, measurements, workouts, and any data you add manually to generate this summary at the end of each day.

Why are there non-measurement events in my History and where do they come from?

Aside from a daily summary next to each day, we also add events to your History as they happen. If you have measurements in the morning, afternoon, and evening, these tags can help you see what may have triggered changes in your results throughout the day.

We’ll add your workouts and meditations automatically if we find them in your data from any apps and gadgets you’ve synced — they’ll show up both here and in your feed.

And we’ll also include any events you tag in your main feed here.

Moreover, you can conveniently track your blood pressure numbers here.

How do I add more events to my Measurement History?

Just tag any event you want to track in your main feed — tap the plus sign in the top right corner to make it happen.

Any event you tag there will show up in your Measurement History as well — the timestamp will match the time you added the events to your feed.

Can I delete measurements and other data from my History?

Yes, just long-tap on the measurement or message you want to delete — it will pull up a window that will let you delete the data.

Deleting a message in your History will also delete it from your feed.

Important: only Premium users can delete measurements.

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