If it’s an Apple Watch measurement — most probably, it’s just too short (less than 50 heartbeats). Such measurements will appear neither in your feed, nor in the Measurement History. Your watch takes background measurements only when you’re relaxed. That’s why it often records less than 50 heartbeats, and we don’t get enough data to analyze. Although you can’t control background measurements, you can “force” your watch to take a measurement if you want. Open the Breathe app, set the session length to at least 3 minutes, and breathe naturally, ignoring the watch’s guidance. Such measurement’s length will usually exceed 50 heartbeats. Find more on measuring heart rate variability with Apple Watch here.

Another reason, regardless of the device you’re using, — the results seem physically impossible (outside the physiological norm). It happens when the signal is unclear, e.g. contains noises or arrhythmias which our algorithm can’t filter out. It’s often the case when you move or talk during a measurement. Find more on what affects measurement quality here.

  • If it’s an Apple Watch measurement taken in the background, we’ll just ignore it.
  • If it’s an Apple Watch measurement taken with the Breathe app or a smartphone camera / heart rate monitor measurement, we’ll send you a message about its low quality.

The third possible reason — the results may be running a little late. When we analyze your measurements, we take into account your previous results and a lot of other data. It takes time. Usually, measurements are analyzed within 5–10 seconds, but sometimes it may take longer. If you’ve excluded the first two reasons but still see absolutely nothing in your feed after a measurement — just wait a bit, the results will be there soon. If you close the app while waiting, you’ll get a push notification when they come.

Why do I see no measurement results in my feed, while they are in the Measurement History?

It can happen with Apple Watch measurements taken in the background:

  • If you already have a high-accuracy measurement this time of day. We don’t want to clutter your feed with unnecessary information. Remember that measurements taken during the day mostly reflect your body’s responses to what’s happening. Your body’s general state is better captured by morning measurements.
  • If it’s a measurement taken during the night while you’re asleep. Exceptions may happen in the following situation: you wake up during the night — you Apple Watch notes it and takes a measurement — we send the results to your feed not knowing you’ve fallen asleep again.

Why do I get no message with the Productivity, Energy, and Stress scores after getting a message with a chart?

There may be two reasons for that:

  • The measurement’s accuracy isn’t high enough for our algorithm to calculate your Productivity, Energy, and Stress scores.
  • You took two high-accuracy measurements, one after another, but the latter’s accuracy is lower than the former’s. In this situation, you’ll get both chart and liquid messages for the first measurement and only a chart message for the second one — because your Productivity, Energy, and Stress scores were more accurate in the first case.
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