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How and why we analyze your meditations
How and why we analyze your meditations
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If you’re into mindfulness, meditations, or breathing practices — we’ll help you track them and analyze their effectiveness.

Just make sure that Welltory is connected to Apple Health or Google Fit — whichever gets your meditation data, added manually or automatically from such apps as Calm and Headspace.

Note for iOS users: If you use the Breathe app to meditate, go to Welltory’s Settings and toggle it off so that it’s not used for measurements (this toggle is on by default).

When you have a meditation recorded in Apple Health or Google Fit, or listen to one of our breathing practices, this activity will be reflected in your feed.

The message will include the length of the meditation. Besides, if Apple Health or Google Fit has information on your heart rate within a five-minute window before and after the meditation, you’ll also see your heartbeat analytics.

Meditations are often used to lower stress. One of the metrics signaling stress is your heart rate: lower heart rate means less stress, and vice versa. The heartbeat chart will show you how your body has reacted to the meditation. That way, you’ll know whether your practice has gone well or if you need to make some changes.

Starting in 2025, Google will no longer support direct app connections through Google Fit. To maintain seamless data synchronization with Welltory and continue receiving comprehensive health and wellness insights, please ensure you configure access settings in both Health Connect and Google Fit for Welltory. Learn more here.

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