A Welltory Pro subscription turns on the app’s AI tools that make sense of your data.

Why aren’t these tools free? Because Welltory relies on a safe, straightforward business model — you pay us to process your data on a secure server. No third parties, no ads, no selling your data.

Why is Welltory Pro worth it?

1. The best and most powerful heart rate variability app on the market.

  • Use your device. We support BLE straps like Polar, Apple Watch HRV measurements, Samsung HRM sensor, and any smartphone camera with a flash. Measure anytime, anywhere, with the device you like.

  • See the full range of HRV metrics. We calculate most metrics that are widely used in research, professional sports, and medical software.

  • Know what’s off instantly. All metrics come with scientifically validated normal ranges and interpretations based on the latest scientific publications.

2. Deeper blood pressure analytics. Get interpretations and recommendations for any blood pressure reading.

3. The richest lifestyle dashboard. We put all your data together and make it talk to you.

  • Connect 120+ data sources. Sync data about your health, activity, work, the weather, and even likes on your Instagram photos.

  • Use hands-free lifelogging. We can track your location automatically and analyze how you spend your time.

  • See your life on charts. We organize your data on dashboards with daily, weekly, and monthly views. There are a ton of stats, with 487 charts available.

  • Find correlations. We analyze your data 24/7 and show you relationships between different aspects of your life.

  • Get research reports on your life. We’ll send you reports with data-driven insights about you and your life based on statistically significant, causal relationships between your data (coming soon).

4. Wide range of clinically validated self-tests. Take mental health, health risk, and lifestyle assessments, learn more about your sleep or work patterns, and more. Some of the tests may be recommended by your therapist to be taken regularly, and there are charts to help you track your personal progress.

Welltory already provides a ton of free features so you can see how the app makes sense of data. You can already get cardio zones for workouts, check how meditation affects your heart rate, and try our breathing practices when your nervous system is stressed. But Welltory Pro is the real powerhouse, pulling all of your data together to provide you with guidance when you need it most.

Welltory Pro is a digital health coach, scientist, and psychologist all in one app. It can analyze what type of workout works best for your body, give you data-driven insights to help improve your sleep, send you lifehacks to boost productivity, or let you know about the latest research findings that are relevant to you personally.

Data from 2 million users has shown that just checking in with your body regularly changes your life for the better — no need to rely on willpower. With Welltory, your productivity, health, mood, and sleep will change for the better.

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