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Welltory Premium and Plus: personalized guidance, habit analytics, and so much more
Welltory Premium and Plus: personalized guidance, habit analytics, and so much more
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Welltory Premium is your personalized health assistant — it learns about your health and lifestyle to meet you where you are, then gently guides you to wellness without demanding drastic changes. Every day, Welltory Premium gives you insights about your wellbeing, sleep, stress, workouts, and more. Then, it sends you personalized recommendations to help you feel better — move goals for the day, how to recover from a hangover if you were out last night, how to de-stress or boost productivity, and more.

With Welltory Premium, you can effortlessly monitor your body's condition 24/7. Just take HRV measurements with a camera, Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, or a compatible heart rate monitor. It also builds a complete picture of your health and habits through smart analytics that spotlights what impacts your body most and calls for changes that will truly make a difference.

Additionally, we offer a special Plus plan for those who participate in our referral program. It unlocks some of our best features, while you and your friends improve your well-being together — it's free and simple.

Find a complete list of Welltory Premium and Plus features below.

How will Welltory Premium help me feel better?

Baby steps that move you toward wellness

We’ll send you daily life hacks to help you care for yourself bit by bit. Even the simplest of actions count as a healthy deed: unfollowing Instagram accounts that bring you down, an afternoon stroll in the park, or turning off notifications on your phone. No need for complicated training programs and three-hour workouts.

Guidance and support when you need it most

High or low blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, panic attacks, and even hangovers — we’ll be there to send you science-backed advice on how to feel better.

Personalized research reports — we analyze your habits to show what impacts your wellbeing the most so you can change what really matters

Our background algorithms analyze your data 24/7. We’ll let you know of any patterns in your health data right away. For example, you might find that more frequent walks lead to better sleep, higher variability, and stronger productivity.

We’ll prepare a personalized scientific report to help you pinpoint necessary lifestyle changes and maximize corresponding health benefits.

Detailed body, heart, and nervous system insights based on heart rate variability and blood pressure readings

Keep tabs on your health with detailed heartbeat and blood pressure analytics.

Get a full range of 21 health scores with every heartbeat measurement:

And 5 extra blood pressure metrics with every BP reading:

You’ll be able to track the dynamics and influences behind the main metrics. Plus, you’ll have a blood pressure diary that you can share with your physician.

Personalized sleep analysis will steer you toward better recovery and help you track your sleep data.

Welltory Premium can show how well you slept last night — see what impacts your sleep, get tips to rest better, and keep tabs on four key sleep metrics: Sleep score, Timing, Efficiency, and Recovery.

See how you really spend your time. With your permission, we’ll turn your feed into an automated diary: we’ll show you where you went, how much time you spent on social media or listening to music

Turn your Welltory Premium feed into a daily diary: we’ll log your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts, new subscribers, outings, music listening hours, calendar events, calls, and other activities. This data will boost your awareness of your social media use, gym visits, and the corresponding impacts on your stress, energy, and focus.

Enhance your body's state monitoring experience round the clock with Welltory Premium

In the Premium version, you can take as many measurements throughout the day as you want. It allows you to observe how your well-being changes by the evening and what factors influence it.

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