Self-tests are a collection of questionnaires and tests based on scientific data and research. They will help you explore different aspects of your personality and learn more about your mental and physical health.

To access tests, either go to Menu — Self-tests, or follow our recommendations: we’ll analyze your data and send relevant tests directly to your feed.

Results will also appear in your feed: we’ll show you the key findings right away, and the full information will be available in the details.

Retake tests as many times as you want and track your progress. You can always find your previous results in the Results tab. Scroll through the list and tap on the ones you’re interested in to see the full interpretation and information on the sources we used for the test.

Take our tests to learn if you have signs of depression or burnout, how much stress you’re under, or how your work affects your health.

With Welltory Pro, you’ll have access to even more tests related to your personality, cognitive abilities, physical and mental health, productivity, and fitness. Check out what other benefits you’ll get with the upgrade and see why it’s worth a try.

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