What is IFTTT?
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IFTTT, short for “if this then that,” is a free web-based service that lets your apps & gadgets talk to each other via simple command chains called applets.

You can create applets to link together just about any two apps or gadgets — send yourself emails whenever you get a new Twitter follower, get Alexa to play “Baby Got Back” as soon as you walk through the door, or sync weight measurements between your Withings scale and Fitbit.

Why sync IFTTT sources with Welltory?

It will let you track everything in your feed & charts: from your tasks, calls, tweets, posts, photos to your favorite songs & recent streams. You can even create your own metric in IFTTT and track it in My Data (for iOS users) or Data (for Android users) sections.

We hope it helps you learn more about yourself, analyze your lifestyle, and find surprising correlations between your health, stress, social media use, productivity, and more.

Suppose you’re trying to grow your Twitter followers and need to start posting regularly, but you’re struggling to get it done.

You can then track your Twitter posts in your feed and charts to see how your lifestyle affects post frequency so you can get things under control with Welltory.

How to sync the data via IFTTT?

  1. If you are an iOS user, go to My data.
    If you are an Android user, go to Data.

  2. Choose the category and the app you'd like to sync.

  3. Tap on this app, and then swipe right to connect it. Or tap set up via IFTTT if you want to sync apps like Twitter. To connect them, we'll need to turn on an applet — a tiny program that connects two or more apps or devices together. That's how Welltory will know about new tweets or posts.

  4. Next, connect your IFTTT and Welltory accounts. You can use your existing IFTTT account if you have one, or you can install the IFTTT app and create an account if you don't. Download IFTTT for iOS and Android.
    Note that you should use the same account across all apps. If you signed up for Welltory with your email, go with it. If you used Google, Facebook, or Apple, use it here as well.

  5. If you see Connected on the button, give yourself a pat on the back — everything went smoothly. In the applets' case, it'll take a little longer, and you'll see Connected under the app's icon only when we get the first data.

How to disconnect a particular app?

Some of the data sources can send too many messages to your feed, especially if you love tweeting or taking pictures. We've pointed out five apps that can occasionally flood your feed:

If you notice that these apps are flooding your feed with messages, tap the links above to disconnect them. Also, you can go to My data (for iOS users) or Data (for Android users), find the app you'd like to turn off, tap on this app, and then swipe left to disconnect it.

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