Who is Welltory for?
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You have probably already read up on our product and are wondering whether or not it’s right for you. We can assure you that it’s a good fit if any of the following sounds familiar:

You want to avoid professional burnout and stay productive

Ever feel like you’re working so hard that you don’t have enough time to recover, but you’re still not getting everything you need to be done? This is common for working moms, for example, or business owners.

But imagine that after tracking your lifestyle and stress & energy levels for some time, you see that changing your surroundings once a week lowers your stress and going to bed before midnight gives your energy levels a huge boost. It becomes easier for you to handle everyday stressors and problems.

You try out different recommendations until you’ve adjusted your lifestyle in a way that makes you feel great.

You know when you need to eat, what time you should go to bed, how much walking you need to do and what kind of recovery works best to restore your energy.

You see considerable improvements in your objective stress & energy measurements, but most importantly you feel better than you’ve ever felt before. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to wake up feeling tired and worn out.

You want to start exercising but aren’t sure what will work for you

For example, you start running with a friend but realize all it does is drain you of energy. You know that running is healthy and can’t understand why it’s not working for you. It could mean that running is just not that good for you personally - it increases your stress levels and just makes you more tired.

With Welltory, you can track how different kinds of exercise affect you. Our fitness experts will help!

You exercise a lot and want to make sure your body recovers properly after different types of training: swimming, cardio, yoga, etc.

Want to know whether or not you can increase the number of hours you spend working out? You can use heart rate variability measurements to figure out if you’re recovering properly.

If you occasionally have questions about avoiding potential injuries or proper lifting techniques, feel free to ask our fitness expert for help.

You have decided to lose weight and are trying to find the right diet for you

With Welltory, you will be able to analyze how changes in your diet affect your health and wellness.

In Sweden, scientists studied patients with obesity and found that extra weight acts as a stressor and affects heart rate variability. After losing weight, patients were less stressed.

You like experimenting and researching how your body responds to various lifestyle changes

You can use Welltory to see how your diet, sleep, hobbies, and even the weather affect your stress & energy levels. Then, you’ll be able to make changes that work.

Changing your lifestyle can help you reduce the risk of getting sick, but it’s important to stick with healthcare professionals to treat any diseases or illnesses that you already have. This is why Welltory does not give recommendations regarding medications and treatments but focuses on how your lifestyle affects you.

The reality is that Welltory is great no matter who you are. It’s a tool that helps you stay healthy, which is important for everybody.

 What you get with Welltory

  • Track your stress & energy levels with your smartphone camera and cardio monitor just for 5 min

  • Get detailed breakdowns of measurements

  • Keep a log of your measurements with comments about your mood and events that may have impacted the results

  • Discover correlations between your daily activities and your stress & energy levels

  • Watch video lectures about your body and lifestyle. 

  • Take tests to find out more about yourself: what risk group you belong to, what type of exercise works for you and more.

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