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Transition from Google Fit to Health Connect in 2025
Transition from Google Fit to Health Connect in 2025
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At the beginning of 2025, Google will no longer support connecting apps directly through Google Fit. Instead, Google is introducing Health Connect, a new platform designed to facilitate secure data sharing between your favorite apps and devices.

To ensure you continue receiving comprehensive health and wellness insights in Welltory, it's crucial to configure access settings in Health Connect for Welltory and any other health apps you use regularly.

What is Health Connect

Health Connect by Google is an app that provides a centralized service allowing you to sync and securely share health and fitness data across multiple applications. It ensures your data privacy and control by allowing you to manage permissions for each app that accesses your health data.

How to connect Welltory to Health Connect

To maintain seamless data integration between Welltory and other health apps you use, follow these steps to connect via Health Connect:

  1. Download and set up Health Connect:

    • Install the Health Connect app from the Google Play Store.

    • Open Health Connect and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

  2. Connect Welltory to Health Connect:

    • Open the Welltory app.

    • Open the Menu and go to Apps.

    • Scroll down and find Health Connect.

    • Tap the Health Connect icon.

    • Tap the Connect button, then choose the data you want Welltory to read from the source apps.

  3. Connect Welltory to Google Fit.

  4. Connect Google Fit and your other favorite apps to Health Connect.

  5. In Health Connect, go to App Permissions and check which apps can access data stored in Health Connect.

What happens next

Once you've successfully connected Welltory to Health Connect, Welltory will be able to access the health data you've chosen to share from other connected apps and devices. This integration ensures you continue to receive comprehensive health insights and analysis within Welltory.

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