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How to navigate Welltory’s settings and customization menu on iPhone
How to navigate Welltory’s settings and customization menu on iPhone
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Upgrade to version iOS 4.7.0 of Welltory or higher, and use the new settings and menu to fine-tune the features and personalize your health journey.

How to get to the Menu

Simply tap your profile picture in the top left corner of your feed:

How to navigate the Menu

Once you're there, you'll find a range of options to explore and customize. Here's a quick overview of key items:

  • Status:

    • Check out your measurement count, membership, and algorithm training progress.

  • Journal, Data, and Tests:

    • Track your measurements.

    • See charts and insights.

    • Take over 50+ self-tests.

  • Apps and devices:

    • Connect all your gadgets and favorite apps to personalize your experience.

  • Settings:

    • Choose the main app you want us to get data from.

    • Fine-tune your measurement settings.

    • Set measurement reminders.

  • Gifts, Music, and Community:

    • Invite your friends to get Welltory Plus for free.

    • Join our community and check out our latest music albums.

  • Support and Help:

    • Find all the answers to your questions about Welltory.

    • Report tech problems and share your feedback.

  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

    • Get all the legal info you need and find out how we protect your data and value your privacy.

In the following sections, we'll dive deeper into each menu item to help you make the most of your Welltory experience.

How to use my status

Your status comes in handy when you need to:

  1. Check your subscription plan;

  2. Track how many measurements you've taken;

  3. See if your algorithm is trained;

Your status varies based on your subscription plan. If you are a Premium member, you have no limits whatsoever. If you tap on your algorithm training progress, you'll see a story explaining how to get more health and lifestyle insights.

Welltory Plus status will indicate your subscription plan, and some features will be limited.

If you're on a free trial, your status will reflect how many trial days you have left, and most of the smart features will be limited.

If you're using Welltory Free, you'll have one measurement a day and limited insights, and your status will show you when a new measurement is available.

How to navigate my journal, data, and tests

  • My Journal is a quick overview of all your measurements and blood pressure readings, along with events that may have impacted your results. You can read more about your health journal here.

  • My Data is where we keep all your charts and offer you to connect more apps and gadgets.

  • The Tests section is a place you go to find out your personality type, discover your strengths and weaknesses, check your health risks, and more.

How to manage apps and devices

To ensure you have the best experience with the app, we recommend you connect apps and devices that will work as a hub for your data. They'll collect your health, sleep, workout, activity, and other data, so we can grab it, analyze it, and give you detailed reports, insights, and guidance.

If you have an iPhone and/or an Apple Watch, we suggest connecting the Health and your Apple Watch for top-notch data analysis.

To connect apps like Instagram, Slack, Asana, or Facebook, scroll down to Apps.

You can connect and disconnect all your apps and gadgets at any time.

How to edit Account info, use Settings, and connect more apps and devices

To change your account info, scroll down to MainAccount. In there, you can check your subscription plan and email, change your nickname or password, update your personal info, log out, or delete your account forever.

To fine-tune your settings, head to MainSettings.

Here, you can customize your measurement settings, namely:

  1. Choose your primary device for heartbeat measurements — your phone's camera, smartwatch, heart rate monitor, etc.

  2. Set up a reminder to get notified when it's time for a measurement.

  3. Turn off a motion sensor to take measurements in transport.

  4. Switch to 300-beat mode to get an additional frequency analysis.

  5. Turn on/off vibration alerts for your measurements.

Plus, here, you can choose the main app to get data from and connect/disconnect your devices.

To connect apps like Instagram, Slack, Asana, or Facebook, scroll down to MainApps.

You can connect and disconnect all your apps and devices any time you want.

How to invite friends and join the community

To invite your friends to Welltory and get gifts, tap Invite friends and follow the instructions. More about inviting friends.

To meet like-minded people, check out our latest news, and share your feedback and achievements, head to Our Community and follow the links.

To check out our science-based music for stress relief, balance, focus, and better sleep, scroll down to Music by Welltory and tune in on Spotify or YouTube.

How to find help and report a problem

Find answers to all your questions in our collection of articles or through the Chatbot. If you prefer deep dives into the science behind Welltory and detailed explanations, opt for Help center. If you need an answer fast, the Chatbot is your go-to. To access both options, head over to Support and select either Help center or Chatbot.

To report a problem with the app, scroll all the way down and tap Report a tech problem.

Where to find legal and privacy info

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Menu and tap Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.

You now are all set to navigate the settings, personalize your health journey, and unlock all features, insights, and guidance that Welltory has to offer. If you'd like to share your feedback, we'll be happy to hear your thoughts.

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