Use the Welltory app for Apple Watch to get:

  • The latest measurement results so you can keep tabs on your health on the go

  • Workouts with personalized heart rate zones that change in real time

  • Our custom watch faces with quick access to body insights & workouts

Note that some features may be different for free and PRO users.

How can I install Welltory on my Apple Watch?

You only need to upgrade to the 4.0.0 version of Welltory and have an Apple Watch model running watchOS 7 or later. The watch app will download automatically, and you'll see it on your watch's home screen and in the Watch app on your phone.

If you don’t see the app there, then it probably failed to download. In that case, try the following:

  • Check that your watch has watchOS 7 or later — go to Apple Watch SettingsGeneralAboutVersion.

  • Check that you have the latest version of Welltory on your phone — 4.0.0 or later. If you don’t, please upgrade.

If you have watchOS 7 or later and Welltory 4.0.0 or newer, but still don’t see Welltory on your watch, try installing it manually:

  • Open the standard Watch app, scroll down to see Available apps and choose Welltory. Tap on Welltory and make sure that the Show App on Apple Watch switch is on.

If nothing works, there’s something else you can do:

  • Reinstall the Welltory app on your phone.

  • Turn off your phone and turn it on again.

If you’re still having trouble installing the app, send us a report. Go to MenuSettingsReport a problem, describe the issue, and press Upload.

What the Welltory app for Apple Watch can do

The Welltory app for Apple Watch can do the following:

  1. Show you heart rate variability (HRV) insights from the latest measurement.

  2. Track workouts and show which heart rate zone you’re currently in. We calculate heart rate zones based on your personal metrics.

  3. Install unique watch faces by the Welltory design team on your watch — the watch faces will feature your latest HRV insights, activity rings, as well as Mindfulness and Workout app buttons for quick access to measurements and workouts.

We’re going to keep improving the app and adding more features.

Can I take measurements with Welltory for Apple Watch?

To take measurements, you need a Breathe or Mindfulness app on your watch. You won’t be able to take measurements from your watch without them.

To take a reading with your watch:

  1. On your watch, open Breathe or select Breathe in Mindfulness, depending on your watchOS version.

  2. Set the timer to 3-5 minutes.

  3. Relax and breathe naturally, ignoring the prompts and alerts. This way, your heart rate pattern will more accurately reflect how you're feeling.

  4. Check out the results on your watch or in your feed.

  5. Go to the Welltory app on your phone after the measurement to update the measurement results on your watch.

Learn more about taking measurements with your Apple Watch in this article.

You can also take readings with your camera phone — the results will also appear on the watch. Read more about taking measurements with your phone’s camera in this article.

Why workouts with Welltory are more effective than standard Apple Watch workouts

Most importantly, unlike the default Apple Watch workout app, we show which of your personal heart rate zones you’re currently in and let you know when you enter a different zone.

This helps you adjust the intensity of your workouts depending on your goals — for example, if you run to lose weight, you need to spend more time in the Fat Burn zone. But that’s not all — during your workout, Welltory also shows you the time, heart rate, calories, and other metrics.

  • Your heart rate zones are calculated based on your maximum heart rate, age, resting heart rate, and other data.

    The zones are re-calculated daily, so the more you use Welltory, the better the accuracy of your zones.

    It’s especially useful if you have a specific goal and need to kick-start a particular process within your body — be it fat burn, muscle growth, or something else. Thus, with zones, you’ll see results way faster, whether it’s increasing your cardiorespiratory endurance, working on your heart health, or building muscle.

    Read more about all the calculations and benefits of personalized heart rate zones in this article.

  • We'll notify you about your workout intensity with gentle sounds and vibrations. During cyclical workouts, such as walking, running, or swimming, you'll feel the tap each time you enter or leave any zone. In all other cases, you will feel a vibration every time your heart rate goes up to the Light or the Peak zone.

  • For extra emphasis on the Peak zone, we added a slightly more feelable haptic tap that will notify you whenever you're maxing out.

    The Peak zone is a pretty dangerous place to hang out for over 1-3 minutes, so the alert will help you avoid compromising your health with high-zone training. Researchers say that high-intensity exercise can acutely increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest or heart rhythm disorders, especially for people with heart diseases.

If you use the free version of Welltory, you’ll get 5 free workouts with personalized heart rate zones so you can test out this feature. After you’ve reached the limit, you’ll only see your heart rate, calories, and other standard metrics during workouts. If you are a PRO member, you’ll see your personalized zones whenever you need them.

How to set a watch face by Welltory

Meet the watch face starter pack from Welltory designers: these watch faces show your health & activity data and let you quickly start a workout or a measurement.

Here are the designs currently available:

To set a Welltory watch face from your watch:

  1. On your watch, open Welltory and head to Watch face.

  2. Choose a watch face you like most.

  3. Tap Set.

To set a watch face from your phone:

  1. Open the Watch app.

  2. Go to My Faces and set the watch face.

How to customize your watch face

If our designs aren’t a good fit, you can change them to your taste or add Welltory features (called Complications) to your preferred watch face.

To customize a Welltory watch face:

From your watch:

  1. Long tap the watch face.

  2. Tap Edit.

  3. Turn the Digital Crown to change the dial color or swipe left to the end to see Complications if you want to change features on your screen.

  4. Tap on the element you want to replace and choose a new complication.

From your phone:

  1. Open the standard Watch app.

  2. Go to My Faces and find the watch face you want to customize.

  3. Tap on the watch face and choose a dial color and complications.

To add Welltory complications to another watch face:

From your watch:

  1. Long tap the watch face.

  2. Tap Edit.

  3. Swipe left to the end to see Complications.

  4. Tap on the element you want to replace.

  5. Find Welltory in the list of complications and choose either Workout or Body insights.

From your phone:

  1. Open the standard Watch app.

  2. Go to My Faces and find the watch face you want to customize.

  3. Tap on the watch face and scroll to see Complications.

  4. Choose a complication you want to replace — for example Sub-dial Top — find Welltory in the list of available complications, and choose either Workout or Body insights.

If you can’t add our complications to your watch face, they are probably not available for this watch face.

Frequently Asked Questions

About measurements

I don’t see the latest measurement results on my watch. Why?

To see the latest measurement results on your watch, you need to open Welltory on your phone first. After that, you’ll immediately see the new measurement along with Key Insights on your watch.

About workouts

My heart rate doesn’t change during the workout. Why?

Either Welltory doesn’t have access to the Health app, or you haven’t turned on the necessary categories. You can allow Welltory to access Health either in Health or in Welltory. For more guidance, check out this article.

I don’t see personalized heart rate zones during my workouts. Why?

If you’re using the free version of Welltory, you’ve probably used up the 5 free workouts. To see your heart rate zones again, opt for a PRO membership. If for whatever reason this is not an option for you, please tell us in this short form.

If you are already a PRO member, there must be a problem with the app’s function. Please describe your problem via the in-app feedback form or follow the steps described in this article.

Your list of workouts is shorter than in the standard Apple Watch app. Why?

For now, we’ve only added the workouts that are most popular among our users. Later we’ll be adding more and more workouts to the list. If you need some specific workouts to be added, let us know in this form.

I don’t see the results of my workout. Why?

Either your workout was shorter than 3 minutes, and/or you’ve burned less than 30 calories while working out. In this case, your workout won’t be saved. If you need to save those workouts, tell us about it in this form, and we’ll help.

Will my workouts with Welltory be saved to the Health app?

Sure, all your workouts will be saved both to Health and Welltory — like any other workouts with your Apple Watch. Your data, results, and progress won’t be lost.


I want to leave you feedback. How can I reach you?

Please use this short form and tell us what you think about our new Apple Watch app. We’ll read everything and use it to improve the app.

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