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Tracking oxygen saturation in Welltory
Tracking oxygen saturation in Welltory
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Oxygen saturation (SpO2) shows the percentage of oxygen in your blood. With low blood oxygen levels, you can experience headaches, shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, confusion, etc. That’s why it’s very important to track SpO2.

Welltory can’t measure your SpO2, but it can keep and analyze this data for you.

You can measure your oxygen saturation with a pulse oximetry device, or use a smartwatch or fitness tracker with pulse oximetry sensors.

However, measuring SpO2 with a pulse oximeter doesn’t let you monitor the behavior of your blood oxygen level. Even if your device can keep measurement history, it can’t show you what your SpO2 depends on and what it impacts.

In Welltory, you’ll find charts clearly demonstrating how your SpO2 changes. Moreover, if you take heart rate variability (HRV) measurements or monitor your workouts and other activities, you may also find correlations between your other metrics and SpO2.

How do I enable Welltory to keep and analyze my SpO2 data?

  1. Connect the device you measure your oxygen saturation with to Apple Health, Google Fit, or Samsung Health, or enter your SpO2 data manually in one of these aggregators.

  2. Make sure you can see your blood oxygen level in the aggregator.

    Apple Health:

    Google Fit:

    Samsung Health:

  3. Go to Welltory, connect Apple Health, Google Fit, or Samsung Health, and allow Welltory to access the aggregator’s data.

Where do I find my SpO2 charts?

You can find your oxygen saturation charts in My data (the chart icon in the upper right corner of the feed) → Health.

If our algorithm finds a correlation between your SpO2 and HRV, workout, or any other activity data — you’ll find such correlation charts in the Weeks or Months tabs in My data → Health.

Starting in 2025, Google will no longer support direct app connections through Google Fit. To maintain seamless data synchronization with Welltory and continue receiving comprehensive health and wellness insights, please ensure you configure access settings in both Health Connect and Google Fit for Welltory. Learn more here.

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