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Tracking productivity: RescueTime
Tracking productivity at the computer with RescueTime
Tracking productivity at the computer with RescueTime
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The instructions below will guide you through installing the RescueTime desktop app and syncing it with Welltory. RescueTime will help you gauge how your sleep, stress, nutrition, and even the weather affect your productivity. You’ll get a sense for the conditions under which you typically get distracted or start procrastinating. RescueTime can also provide insight on how different types of computer-based activities, such as creative assignments, social media use, word processing, and coding, can affect your health and wellbeing.

Installing RescueTime Lite on a computer

1. Open the sign-up page

2. Next, register your profile. Provide your email, set a password, and select your location settings. Then choose the free forever plan.

3. RescueTime will then ask you to download and install the desktop app. After installation, you’ll see a login screen. Enter the email and password combination that you used to sign up.

4. After you open the app, your browser will open a brief survey. Your answers will help RescueTime better personalize your account settings.

You’re all set! You have successfully installed RescueTime Lite on your computer. Its features include:

  • automatic tracking of time spent on different websites and desktop apps

  • weekly progress updates sent to your email

  • analysis of data from your mobile app or browser, if RescueTime is installed there

You can also install RescueTime Premium, which opens access to offline computer time monitoring for activities like gaming. Premium account holders also receive daily insights and can set their work hours more precisely. Both the Lite and Premium versions are compatible with Welltory.

Syncing RescueTime and Welltory

  1. If you are an iOS user, go to My data.
    If you are an Android user, go to Data.

  2. Scroll down to the Productivity tab and select RescueTime.

  3. When you tap on the RescueTime icon, you’ll see the screen below.

  4. Tap on the connect button (if you haven’t installed the RescueTime desktop app, do it before tapping connect).

  5. Tap Continue to let Welltory analyze your RescueTime data, then enter your RescueTime desktop login and password.

  6. When the process is complete, you’ll see a green check mark in the lower left-hand corner of the RescueTime icon.

Now you can track your productivity while we analyze what factors affect it most. We’ll tell you what we find.

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