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Taking measurements with your Samsung Watch
Taking measurements with your Samsung Watch
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Automatic measurements with your Samsung watch

If your Samsung watch runs Wear OS, it can record your HRV data automatically. We called this feature Health Monitoring. Just wear your watch throughout the day and check Welltory for your measurement results — they should appear in your feed several times a day.

To enable automatic measurements, you only need to upgrade Welltory to the 4.3.0 version or later on both your phone and watch. After updating the app, you can see the Samsung Watch section in Menu. If you can see the green checkmark near the Health Monitoring text, your watch is successfully connected, and the Health Monitoring feature is on.

You can adjust the monitoring frequency in the Samsung watch section of Menu. This option sets the minimum time between two consecutive automatic measurements that can be taken with your watch, not the exact times at which measurements are taken. Please note that your Samsung watch automatically measures your HRV only when you are calm and relaxed. It doesn’t take a measurement while you’re asleep, moving, or working out.

If you want to take a measurement with your Samsung watch running WearOS right here, right now, open Welltory on your watch, make sure your watch fits snugly on top of your wrist, and try not to move. Keep silent, and don't aim to control your breath consciously. Press the red button on your watch — a measurement will start.

When you're done, open Welltory and check out your feed to see the results.

Connecting your Samsung watch

1. Sync your Samsung watch to your phone and make sure your watch is shown to be connected in the Galaxy Wearable app.

2. In Welltory, go to Menu → Settings → Primary device.

3. Find the Samsung watch section — it will be shown as Searching. Tap Install Welltory on my watch. After that, allow Welltory to find, connect to, and determine the relative position of nearby devices.

4. Select your Samsung watch model.

5. If your Samsung watch runs Wear OS (Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Samsung Galaxy Watch5, Samsung Galaxy Watch6), the app page on Google Play will open. Download and install Welltory on your Samsung watch.

If your Samsung watch runs Tizen OS (Samsung Galaxy Watch1, Samsung Galaxy Watch2, Samsung Galaxy Watch3, Samsung Gear), the app page on Samsung Store will open. Download and install Welltory on your Samsung watch.

6. If your Samsung watch runs Wear OS (Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Samsung Galaxy Watch5, Samsung Galaxy Watch6), open Welltory on your Samsung watch and allow Welltory to access your physical activity and sensor data about your vital signs.

Skip this step if your Samsung watch runs Tizen OS.

7. Return to Welltory on your phone. Go to Menu → Settings → Primary device and tap your Samsung watch model under the Samsung Watch section. If you can see the green checkmark, the device is connected. Now, you can take measurements with your Samsung watch.

Taking a measurement

1. Make sure that your watch is charged, connected to your phone, and enabled as a measurement device in Welltory Settings.

2. To take a measurement:

If your watch runs Wear OS, open the Welltory app on your watch and tap the red button.

If your watch runs Tizen OS, open the Welltory app on your smartphone, go to your feed, and tap the red button at the bottom of the screen.

3. It may take a couple of seconds for the measurement to start. You’ll see the measurement progress on the phone screen and on the watch face. As with any other HRV measurement, try to not move or talk until the measurement is complete, just relax and breathe naturally.

4. You’ll see your measurement results in your feed. Also, if you have a Samsung Watch model running Wear OS and Welltory 4.6.5 or newer, you can see your heart rate variability insights from the latest measurement on your watch.


I try to connect my Samsung watch but only see "searching" in Settings. What should I do?

Make sure that the watch is charged and connected via Galaxy Wearable and the airplane mode is off on your watch and phone.

Why do I get an error message when I try to start a measurement?

The watch may have been disconnected from the phone, or you may have interrupted the measurement with a sudden movement. If that’s not the case, make sure you've allowed Welltory to access Activity and Body sensors in Settings → Apps → Welltory → Permissions. After giving the necessary permissions, try to manually launch the Welltory companion app on your watch and take another measurement.

What if I want to take a measurement while my Samsung watch charges?

If we can't find your Samsung watch connected when you start a measurement, we’ll propose you to use your camera for taking a measurement.

Alternatively, you can manually switch to camera measurements via Menu → Settings → Primary device. Once your Samsung watch is charged, be sure to reselect it in Settings.

How many measurements per day can I take with my Samsung Watch?

In the Premium version, users can take an unlimited number of measurements per day.
However, in the free version, you are limited to only one manual measurement with your Samsung Watch and one automatic measurement per day. When you reach your daily limit, you'll see the following message on your watch:

Is it possible to take a measurement with Samsung Watch in 300-beat mode?

Currently, the 300-beat mode is not supported for watch measurements, it works only for camera ones. However, we are planning to reintroduce this feature for watch measurements in one of our future releases.

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