Connecting your Samsung Watch

1. Sync your watch to your phone and make sure your watch is shown to be connected in the Galaxy Wearable app.

2. In the Welltory app, go to Menu → Settings → Measurement device.

3. Find the Samsung watch section. Right now, it will be shown as searching. Tap the install Welltory on my watch button to be taken to Galaxy Store.

4. Download and install the Welltory app for Samsung Watch.

5. Return to the Welltory app on your phone.

6. Go to Menu → Settings → Measurement device and tap Samsung watch (beta).

7. The status will change to connected. You can now take measurements with your watch.

Taking a measurement

1. Make sure that the watch is connected to your phone and charged, and that it’s enabled as a measurement device in the Welltory app’s Settings.

2. Go to your feed and tap the red measurement button to begin a measurement.

3. Before taking the first measurement, allow Welltory to access your physical activity data and sensor data about your vital signs.

4. It may take a couple of seconds for the measurement to start, and you’ll see the progress on the phone screen and on the watch face. As with any other HRV measurement, try to not move or talk until the measurement is complete, just relax and breathe naturally.

5. You’ll see your measurement results in your feed.

I try to connect my Samsung Watch, but only see “searching” in Settings. What should I do?

Make sure that the watch is charged and connected via Galaxy Wearable. Also, check that your watch and phone are not put on airplane mode.

Why do I get an error message when I try to start a measurement?

The watch may have been disconnected from the phone, or you may have interrupted the measurement with a sudden movement. If that’s not the case, make sure you've granted Welltory access to Activity and Body Sensors in Settings → Apps → Welltory → Permissions. After giving the necessary permissions, try to manually launch the Welltory companion app on your watch and take another measurement.

What if I want to take a measurement while my Samsung Watch charges?

If we don’t locate your Samsung Watch when you start a measurement, we’ll propose that you use your camera for the measurement.

Alternatively, you can manually switch to camera measurements via Menu → Settings → Measurement device. Once your Samsung Watch is charged, be sure to reselect it in Settings.

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