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The app crashes, what should I do?
The app crashes, what should I do?
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Quick fix: in most cases, it helps to delete the app, restart the smartphone, and install the app once again.

If the quick fix above didn't help in your case, kindly reach out to us at [email protected] using the email you provided when you signed up. Please answer the following questions in your email:

  1. Had the feed fully loaded before the app crashed?

  2. What actions had you performed before the app crashed?

  3. Try opening the app and doing nothing with it — what happens then? Does the app crash?

  4. Does the app crash during a measurement? If so, how much time passes between the measurement start and the app crash? Does the measurement progress or freeze before the app crashes?

If the app doesn't crash immediately after you open it, send us a report:

  • If you're reading this on your smartphone, follow this link.

  • Or open Welltory on your smartphone, go to Menu, scroll down to the end of the screen, and tap Report a tech problem.

Thank you!

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