If you’re facing an issue with our app (sync failures, data processing errors, etc.), kindly let us know — we’ll do our best to help. To get assistance in a timely and effective manner, please send us information using the following checklist:

1. A bug report.

• Go to Menu — Settings.

• Tap Send developer report.

• Describe the problem and tap Upload.

2. Screenshots from Welltory reflecting the problem.

• Make screenshots.

• Go to Menu — Help.

• Tap the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

• Choose the latest conversation (if you’ve just sent the bug report, the latest conversation will start with the words “Report sent”).

• Attach the screenshots and send the message.

3. Screenshots from another app if there is a sync failure between Welltory and that other app.

• Follow the steps above to send the screenshots to the chat.

• For example, if you don’t see your sleep data in Welltory, while it is recorded in Apple Health, make a screenshot from Apple Health containing this data and a screenshot from Welltory with no such data.

Providing this information will spare you many clarifying questions and significantly speed up the resolution of the issue.

Thank you!

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