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Understanding your data
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My data (for Android users, Data) consists of various charts that help you analyze your habits to find out what needs to change. You can track your trends, correlations, and health analytics in this section.

We scan your lifestyle and your body’s inner workings so you can see the links between your sleep and nutrition, workouts and productivity, or even weather and well-being. Besides, it is a home for your Health Journal (iOS) that keeps the record of all the measurements you've ever taken.

Say you want some workout insights. Just tap on Workouts and check out everything that correlates with your training regimen — all sorted out in handy charts. That's how you can realize that your morning run contributes to your productivity, or evening yoga classes help you sleep better and burn more calories overnight.

Take regular measurements, sync your apps and gadgets, and our AI will spot how different lifestyle factors impact your health and well-being. Then, check out the data section to see the highlights by days, weeks, or months in comprehensive, colorful charts.

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