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With tags, you can easily record your daily goings-on. It’s like keeping a diary — helping you understand what your days are filled with and see changes in your routine.

Tags also allow our algorithms to learn more about your context and offer you more useful recommendations. For example, if you tag insomnia, you’ll get a relaxing breathing practice. In addition, we’ll find and show you meaningful correlations — you’ll see how different events affect your mood, productivity, the way your body feels, etc.

To add a tag, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the feed. You’ll see a list of popular tags — choose the ones you need, use the search, or create your own tags.

Tags are colored:

  • Green and red tags indicate a positive or negative effect of the event on your physical and emotional state. For instance, chatting is green, while conflict is red.

  • Other colors help categorize events (activity, productivity, etc.) to make navigation easier.

When creating your own tags, you’ll also be prompted to indicate whether it was a good or bad event and what category it fits into.

Recently used tags are always placed on top of the list, so you can easily find the ones relevant to you.

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