Your Measurement History keeps the record of all the measurements you've ever taken using your Welltory account.

You can see your Measurement History by tapping on the gray My data icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Measurement History comes handy when you need to review all your scores, find a specific measurement, or delete one with a low accuracy score.

By default, you'll see your HRV, RMSSD, SDNN, and heart rate scores. However, Pro users can choose another view option and see their Stress, Energy, Focus, and heart rate scores. You can change which scores show up in your history by tapping Menu > Settings > Measurement History.

To see all the data related to a particular measurement, tap on it in your history.

  • Pro users will see a detailed description of every measurement and get many other useful benefits.

  • Free users will end up with just scores, and we won’t be able to read a thorough explanation of what they mean.

If you don't want to see a specific measurement or its accuracy score is not high enough, swipe left on this measurement and tap delete to get rid of it. This will leave you with only those measurements that match how you feel.

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