Messages with the liquid help visualize how your body is doing at the moment on the basis of your heart rate variability (HRV).

Your Productivity, Energy, and Stress scores are calculated based on the standard HRV metrics (RMSSD, SDNN, etc.) shown in messages with a chart.

To make the results easier to understand, we illustrate them with liquid — you can see when you’re literally boiling over with stress, or when your productivity is too low for any activity but rest.

The amount of liquid shows your current productivity level: the more liquid you see, the higher your productivity.

The color of the liquid is a reflection of your overall well-being. If it’s green, you’re doing great. Yellow color signals that you’re not in fantastic shape, but are still doing ok. If the liquid is red or blue, you’re not in great shape and may want to wait a few days before taking on a huge project or running a marathon.

The boiling reflects your stress level: the more bubbles and waves you see, the more stressed your body is.

The particles flying in and out of the liquid illustrate your energy trend — whether you’re saving energy, using it, or have struck a balance between the two.

When your measurement accuracy is high enough (95–100%), it means that the results on your screen more closely reflect what’s going on with your body. Learn more about how to take accurate measurements and what impacts accuracy.

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