Many gadgets can only measure your heart rate (average number of heartbeats per minute), but not your heart rate variability (time lapsed between heartbeats). Unfortunately, you can’t use such devices for measurements in Welltory. They are:

  • Fitbit

  • Mi Band

  • Withings

  • Other fitness trackers used for heart rate monitoring

Some gadgets do support heart rate variability measurements, but their developers’ policy doesn’t allow this data to be transferred to other apps. They include:

  • Biostrap

  • Oura

  • Garmin

See if your device is compatible with Welltory for HRV measurements and activity tracking.

However, there are gadgets we can get information from. For example, Apple Watch transfers data to Apple Health, which shares it with Welltory. We then analyze it and provide you with our interpretations. So, you can use Apple Watch for Welltory measurements.

Learn here how to connect your Apple Watch to Welltory.

See more on how to take measurements with Apple Watch.

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