Why don’t I see any charts in a specific category?

This can happen for several reasons:

  • You haven’t connected any data sources for this category. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to start.

  • Your data sources are empty. Unfortunately, syncing your favorite meditation app isn’t enough. You have to actually use it to meditate.

  • There's not enough data yet. You need at least 1 day worth of data in the past 12 days to see charts in the “Latest” and “Days” tabs. In the Geolocation category, My Places smart location tracker is self-learning. It needs 7-14 days worth of data to start building your charts.

  • There’s a data transfer glitch. This can happen on occasion.
    If you are an iOS user, go to Menu → Settings → Reload My Data:

    If you are an Android user, go to Data, scroll down, and tap the Reload button:

    This will relaunch the data collection and analysis process for all of your data flows, and is usually enough to solve the problem.

If you definitely have data, your source is connected, and you’ve reloaded data but you don’t see any charts, let our support team know so we can help.

Can I create my own chart or track something there is no tracker for yet? Like how much time I spend reading or how many cigarettes I smoke?

Yup, you can create your own chart with IFTTT — a free web-based service. It sends us data that typically isn’t trackable via Apple Health or other health & fitness trackers. Use it track your number of completed tasks in Trello or Instagram posts and check how your mood or stress levels affect them. Plus, you can create your own metrics in IFTTT. Find out how here.

I don't see my data for today. Where is it?

It'll be there tomorrow. We add your data one day later to avoid distorting your daily averages, which show up on the cover of each category.

The charts I’m seeing today are different from the ones I saw yesterday. What happened?

We’ve updated your charts. Charts in the Days tab are updated every 3 days and charts in the Weeks tab are updated every 2 weeks. The Months tab is updated once a month.

If you want to update your data in a category sooner, just tap on it and pull the screen down.

If you want to update all your charts in all categories, go to Menu → Settings → Reload My Data (for iOS users) or go to Data, scroll down, and tap the Reload button (for Android users).

I don’t see my data from Fitbit, Garmin, or any other source that writes data directly, not through Apple Health. What can I do? 

Wait a bit. Sometimes these data sources don’t write your data to our app right away. If over a day has gone by and you still don’t see your data, you can reload your charts and see if it helps.
If you are an iOS user, go to Menu → Settings → Reload My Data.
If you are an Android user, go to Data, scroll down, and tap the Reload button.

If that doesn’t help either, there’s definitely a glitch somewhere. Drop our support team a line, and we’ll get you sorted.

I turned on My Places a week ago, but still don’t see charts in the Geolocation category. What’s up?

Give it a few more days. My Places is self-learning — it needs 7-14 days worth of data to extract meaning from your location data, classifying it into categories like work, shopping, gym, etc.

So how does My Places figure out when I’m at work, shopping, or commuting?

My Places uses GPS data and machine learning to aggregate your routines into behavioral segments it can interpret.

In other words, if it sees you taking the same route every morning to the same location (and then staying there for 8 hours), it will classify that location as “work” and deduce that the route there is your commute.

What will the charts show if someone logs into their Welltory account from my phone?

If you’re still logged into your phone with the same Apple ID, this person will see your data. Your data is linked to your Apple ID, not your Welltory account. So if you don’t want someone else to see how much time you spend on Facebook or the last time you were at the gym, don’t let anybody log into their Welltory account from your phone. The upside is that if you decide to create a different account for some reason, you won’t lose your data.

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