Note: you can only connect data sources in Welltory PRO.

You can sync all MiBand data with the Welltory app.

Note: MiBand tracks your heart rate, but not heart rate variability.

If you have an iPhone

  1. Download and install Zepp Life (formerly MiFit)

  2. Open Apple Health and go to Sources

  3. Select Zepp Life and turn all categories on

If you have an Android

  1. Download and install Google Fit

  2. Download and install Zepp Life (formerly MiFit)

  3. In the Zepp Life app, go to Profile - Add accounts and choose Google Fit

  4. In the Welltory app, go to Data

  5. Connect Google Fit

All done! Welltory should be getting your Zepp Life data.

Note! Synchronization takes time. That's why the data can't instantly appear on the graphs right after syncing. Sometimes it can take a few hours or one day. For example, if you analyze sleep, the data won't be uploaded on the graph right after the night but the next day.

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