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Tracking any data with IFTTT applets
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You can make a Welltory chart for anything that you can count in whole numbers and sync with IFTTT. You just need to create your own applet — a simple command chain that will enable IFTTT to send the data you’re tracking to Welltory.

For example, you can track new posts on Medium, your likes on SoundCloud, opened Salesforce cases, or even how many articles you read. For more ideas, check out the list of all services you can integrate with IFTTT.

How do I create my own applet?

Let’s go with the example above and say you want to track your Medium posts. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Log into IFTTT, go to your profile in the upper right corner, and select New Applet

2. Tap "this"

3.  Select Medium and tap Connect

4. Medium (or any other service you’re syncing) will show you a list of triggers — events that trigger the ‘if-this-then-that’ command chain. For new articles, select Post published by you.

5. Tap “that” and select Welltory

6. Choose Send event

7. Fill in the info for the event you’re tracking
Keep the following in mind when filling in the info for your applet:

  • What are you tracking? — select Posts for your Medium posts. If you’re tracking something we don’t have a category for, you can select Other

  • When are you tracking it? — tap Add Trigger Field Data and select PublishedAt.
    If you want IFTTT to track the events as soon as you create them, choose CreatedAt. If you’re tracking something else, just choose any other time-related option that makes sense. For example, you would choose CompletedAt if you were tracking your completed Uber rides.

  • From which service? — select Other for Medium, since you’re not tracking data from one of the sources we support.

  • How many entries per event? — Enter 1 to track each Medium post. You’ll always enter 1 in this field for every event you’re tracking.

8. Tap Create Action, name your applet Track my Medium posts in Welltory, for example, and save.

What will the chart tracking my Medium posts look like, and where can I find it?

You’ll see your Medium posts on charts in the Productivity category. If you wanted to track a data type we don’t have a name for yet (like new songs added to playlists in Spotify, for example), it would show up on your charts as “Other in Other” — “Other” is our default title for sources or data types we haven’t set up yet.

Keep in mind that you can only create one “Other in Other” chart for now. So if you’re tracking songs added to playlists in both Spotify and SoundCloud, both will show up in the same “Other in Other” chart.

Over time, we’ll add more direct integrations with IFTTT services that are popular among our users.

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