You can do it either through applets or connections. A connection allows you to connect several actions at once, while with applets, you need to connect actions one by one.

How to sync your data using Connections:

1. Go to My Data -> Productivity

2. Choose the service you want and tap Connect

3. After your email has appeared on the button, tap ▶

4. You will be prompted to log in to both apps.
Important! You must use the same account across all apps. If you signed up for Welltory with your email, go with it. If you used Google, Facebook, or Apple, use it here as well.

5. You'll see Connected on the button if everything went right.

How to connect an applet:

1. Go to My Data -> Productivity

2. Find Twitter on the list of Data sources, and tap Set up via IFTTT

3. You’ll be prompted to log into your IFTTT account (or make a new account if you don’t already have one)

4. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be redirected to the Twitter applet — a pre-set command chain we’re created for you.

5. Turn the applet on. IFTTT might prompt you to connect your Twitter account & Welltory accounts to do so.

Voila — you’re tracking your Twitter posts.

Syncing data usually takes some time, but you can always count on seeing your data from today on your charts by tomorrow.

Keep in mind that IFTTT won’t backtrack and sync your data from last week or last month — just the data that comes in after you’ve turned on the applet. The sooner you plug everything in, the faster you’ll collect the data you need for your analysis.

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