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How do I connect my Apple Watch to Welltory?
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If you have an Apple Watch, you don’t need to use your camera for measurements — Welltory will analyze your latest heart rate variability readings from your watch and send you the results.

We recommend Apple Watch as the most accurate and error-free device that you can seamlessly sync with Welltory to take measurements on-the-go.

Apple Watch measures your heart rate variability when you are calm and relaxed. Then, it sends us your data so we can analyze it and give you a detailed report. However, you can still take measurements whenever you want with your phone’s camera or a heart rate monitor.

This article will guide you through the process of measurements with Apple Watch.

To use your Apple Watch with Welltory, you need to connect Apple Health:

  1. Open the Menu.

  2. In Apps, choose Apple Health.

  3. Tap Connect.

  4. Turn all categories on and tap Allow.

If you've already synced Apple Health with Welltory, make sure you've allowed Welltory to access your Apple Health data in Settings.

Then, Welltory will analyze your data about sleep, steps, workouts, nutrition, productivity, and more. We'll sort it all into handy charts and send you science-backed recommendations so you can work, train, sleep, eat, and live better with data.

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