Other smart trackers
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  • Water bottles like Dot or Hidrate Spark 2.0 know how much you need to drink based on your gender, age and activity levels, periodically reminding you to hydrate.

  • Athletic wear from Hexoskin has built-in sensors that analyze heart rate, oxygen intake, your steps and even the position you sleep in.

  • Smart Rope is a jump rope that counts the number of jumps and calories burned.

  • Skulpt Scanner is a muscle mass sensor that uses electromyography to analyze different muscle groups and help you figure out if your diet and exercise regimen is working.

  • Garmin Varia Vision is a display that cyclists can attach to their sunglasses. It allows cyclists to get all the information they need without taking their eyes off the road: performance data, directions, incoming calls and more.

  • SmartMat is a yoga mat that gives you feedback on your yoga poses in real time. It’s like having your own personal yoga instructor at home.

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