What kind of trackers/watches can be used with Welltory?

If your gadget works with Apple Health, Google Fit and/or Samsung Health - it can be used to import and analyze data via integrations, this includes:

Wristbands - have built-in wrist-based heart rate sensor. It scans vessels and tracks your pulse rate all the time.

Smartwatches - these kinds of devices usually have extended functionality of wristbands, which includes tracking geolocation, calories, steps, quality and amount of sleep. 

According to our data, the best options at the moment are: 

Apple Watch, it has the most significant amount of functionality, when working with our app. We're also planning to add the ability to take HRV measurements with this gadget in the near future.

Other watches/trackers that are popular among our users:
Fitness trackers:

  • Mi band
  • Garmin Vivosport
  • Fitbit charge series
  • Oura ring

Smart watches:

  • Fitbit versa series
  • Garmin Fenix series


These can't take HRV measurements, but can be used to import the data to our app for further analysis and building correlations. 

If you're not sure, whether your device is compatible with Welltory or not - you can contact us via in-app chat, or on our website.

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