Why do you track physical activity
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Energy, productivity, and health depend on the physical state. Welltory gathers most apps and gadgets data and helps you to see how activity impacts your well-being parameters.

The most basic parameter is the number of steps per day. We recommend starting with 8,000-10,000 steps per day, which is a WHO (World Health Organization) standard. In our experience, people who walk this much really do sleep better and have lower stress levels. Try it and see how it affects your morning measurement.

You can also find your ideal time to exercise. Try working out in the morning, then at night and see which one gives you more energy the next day. If you have high stress levels and low energy after lifting weights, it may be best to switch to cardio-based workouts. By the way, don’t worry if your measurement numbers don’t look so great immediately after a workout - that’s totally normal.

What do fitness-trackers analyze

There are a lot of gadgets that count steps and calories, measure your heart rate, and estimate muscle mass. Some trackers vibrate if you don't move more than 1 hour. These gadgets can help you figure out what kind of exercise is best for your age, fitness and stress level. They can even tell you how much recovery time you need between workouts.

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