Gadgets and apps for sleep tracking
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The choice of sleep trackers is now quite high - from mobile apps to special gadgets for beds.

Mobile apps:

  • SleepCycle for iPhone. This app has patented technology and tracks movements and sleep stages by sounds. It allows a couple who sleeps in the same bed to use the app in a special group mode: sounds from one person are separated from the sounds of the other due to synchronization.

  • Sleep As Android - is considered as the best app for Android. It detects your movements during sleep with an accelerometer.

  • Pillow - app for iPhone and Apple Watch. It analyses sounds and movements. It works with a microphone and without, that is good for battery on your phone if it's not very strong.

  • Sleep++ - app for iPhone and Apple watch

Fitness trackers and Watches:

We have selected the most accurate and popular fitness trackers for sleep tracking: Fitbit, Misfit, Runtastic, etc. work on a similar principle. With pulse analysis and motion tracking, these devices measure sleep time, phase, and some of them even its effectiveness.

Tabletop and bed gadgets

The Withings Aura set includes the bed sleep sensor and an alarm clock that manages lighting, turns on different sounds, collects data and helps you improve your sleep.

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