Heart and autonomic nervous system

If you want to know how your heart and the autonomic nervous system work, measure heart rate variability with cardio monitors in the Welltory app.

Blood pressure monitor (iHealth)

This blood pressure monitors iHealth and Withings let users measure their systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse at any time and transfer data to your smartphone.

Weight and body composition tracking

Smart body analyzer Nokia measure weight, fat, pulse rate and air quality in the room.

Scales Fitbit Aria or tracker Inbody measure your body fat and muscle mass in %.

Blood sugar tracking

Glucometer (iHealth)

This gadget for checking your blood sugar can be hooked up to your iPhone’s headphone jack. The set also includes a special syringe for drawing blood and test strips. With a special app, you can find out what your blood sugar levels are in just a few steps.

Other trackers of physiological

  • Withings Termo and Kinsa will help to measure temperature and transfer data to your smartphone
  • LoveMySkin is an app which makes mole map for skin cancer prevention
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