If you work on a computer, install RescueTime. It’s an app that analyzes your productivity and tracks how much time you spend on entertainment sites or social networks. It tracks open windows and sorts them according to activity types (business, web development, communications, design) and their productivity (productive, neutral or distracting).

Here is how to connect it to Welltory:

  1. In the Welltory app go to My Data 

  2. Find the RescueTime icon and tap it

  3. Enter your RescueTime email and password, and tap Login

  4. There will be a Connected label if everything came out right

Congrats, your data is synced with Welltory! Now the data from these sources will be displayed in the My data

Try to take stress & energy measurements for 10-14 days in a row to see changes and find out how different lifestyle factors impact you.

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