If you’ve experienced any technical issues using Welltory, you can use the «Send a developer report» feature, to let us know about your situation, and provide us with necessary details, about what was going on in the app.

How to send developer report?

1. If you’re experiencing a bug, first of all – try reproducing it.

2. After you’ve successfully recreated a bug, go to Menu – Settings – Send a developer report

3. After that, a popup window will appear, in which you can briefly describe the problem. After that, we’ll contact you via in-app chat, to let you know, that we’re working on a solution, or to ask for additional information.

What is «Send developer report» feature used for?

After you’ve sent us a developer report, we’ll get a notification, which contains a brief explanation of the problem (Which we strongly recommend filling, since it speeds up the process of figuring out a solution), and user logs – an event journal, which lists all things, that happened in the app recently.

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