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So what do you get out of Welltory
So what do you get out of Welltory
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Objective health parameters are easy to understand and will help you plan your day and recover effectively to feel better tomorrow. Every measurement you take gives you Stress, Energy, and Health scores that show how well your body is handling your current workload.

The results consist of short, personalized recommendations that let you know:

  • how to plan your day so that you don’t run out of steam

  • how much you can expect to get done for the day

  • how well your body will cope with an upcoming presentation

  • whether you need active rest or a comfy couch over the weekend

  • how to recover so that you can feel better tomorrow

  • whether your last workout helped boost your endurance

Regular measurements help you get in touch with your body, track your progress with data, boost your performance (at work and in life), and feel great every day.

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